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Uzbek TV plans to launch two new TV channels – our blogger Eisenstein impatiently waiting near blue screen

Take a look at this video. What do you think, what year it was shooted? In 1975? In 1991? No, in 2011! This TV show on Uzbek TV channel «Forum», and it is our harsh reality.

What is the most boring thing in the world? Wait for the bus at the bus stop? Lecture on the philosophy of the institute? President elections in Belarus? No! Most boring thing in the world – the Uzbek TV. Although, our TV – it’s not just television. It is also a time machine. Each TV show takes you far into the past, when the action in Soviet television was the same as in the game tic-tac-toe, and all computer graphics were written by Pascal computer language. All these traditions Uzbek TV loves and cherishes.

Complete lack of imagination, an inability to copy the western TV shows – that you can see today in Uzbekistan, if you will configure the TV. And it’s not surprise, that no one is watching local television – the vast majority of population prefer Russian TV, which can be seen with help of satellite dish or cable TV.

I do not know, who watching our local TV? Perhaps they have viewers only in the areas where you can not buy a satellite dish. In our town no one is watching Uzbek TV. It’s unprofessional, uninteresting, continuous propaganda – says designer Alex from Tashkent

However, the Uzbek ТV bosses do not give up. As Russians under Stalingrad, they prepare a decisive battle for the hearts of the audience. On December 31 Uzbekistan expects a grand gift – they will start broadcast 2 new TV channel! They will be called very original: “Culture and Enlightenment” and “Around the World” (Hello Red Hot Chilli Peppers!). As is clear from these words, the first channel will be dedicated to culture and science, and the second will be a local “Discovery”.

Let’s give a word to TV bosses:

The aim of the channel “Culture and Enlightenment” is the creation of highly informative TV programs … comprehensive and objective familiarization of the population, especially young people, with the best achievements of world civilization in the fields of science, culture and art – according to a press release

Interestingly, rock’n’roll – is the advanced achievement of global civilization? Will they show something about it on this TV channel? I think not. Elvis Presley would have been very unhappy, if he would knew about it. A Russian TV channels TNT and DTV, of course, very cultureless too. So let’s ban them!


Tashkent TV-tower. Photo from official web-site

Is there any hope we have for the new year to see two interesting new channels? Hard to believe. Rather, Uzbek TV will gain skill “boring” for +2.

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