Debates “World Bank and Tajikistan – 20 years of cooperation”

Loki has visited a debate torunament that became a cause of big discussion in Tajik debate community

On August 28-29,  2013 in Dushanbe, there another debate tournament took place, which was attended by school children and students from all regions of Tajikistan and such cities as Garm, Dushanbe, Isfara, Kulyab , Kurgan-Tube, Khorog and Khujand.

The tournament organized by the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia – Tajikistan and supported by the World Bank in the Republic of Tajikistan in the framework of the project “Voices of Youth”.

I have written about the debate community in Tajikistan several times. Present tournament has left a bad feeling upon me. I had a feeling that the level of intellectual quality of the games and the debate speeches  is reduced to what I have seen before. I was delighted with debaters’ speeches at the public debates in February and March this year. But almost all the games that I have visited at the tournament, and particularly the final, were weak.

Presently there is a big discussion at the debate community Facebook page among the debaters about the pasted tournament. Here is what one of the debate tournament judges says:

…the whole situation is quite symptomatic .  Tajik  debate community is growing quantitatively but qualitatively degrades. Times of great speakers in the Russian league has passed , and international tournaments which are presented only by our English league proof this. This tournament , with a few exceptions was not the best in terms of speeches. Final of the tournament was simply impossible to judge with any adequate criteria …. There is a critical moment comes when all the Russian-speaking debaters need to ask themselves why you put judges in the position when you almost cannot be judged by the usual debate criteria. …

Tension between the majority of the debate judges and players was seen during the whole tournament. Many judges, in turn, were accused of incompetence, no clear explanation of their decisions

But also there were people that were happy with the tournament and made a positive feedback though they lost:

Generally I am happy with the tournament. You will ask why?

First of all, new friends! I gained a lot of new friends and acquaintances both from the regions, and from the city.

Secondly, my teammate and I were the youngest participants but we took the 5th place among all the teams.

Thirdly, we had to play against more experienced participants, and it gave me more experience and now I feel that I have become stronger, and I am not afraid of their opponents…

The tournament took place at the Tajik State University of  Commerce, and the final of tournament was held in the Hyatt Hotel. All topics of the tournament were about youth, labor migration, education, unemployment and so on. The resolution for the finale was: This House would create jobs for young people in Tajikistan.

The team named Triumph has became the winner of the tournament:


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