Public debates in Tajikistan

Loki has visited the round of public debates in Dushanbe and is sharing his opinion.

In my last post i have already mention the young debate movement of Central Asia in general and of Tajikistan in particular.

I thought that it makes sense to tell more about the movement and people involved, and about the forms the debate community exists in Tajikistan. In the present post i will shortly telll about the content of so called formal debates and in particulary about the public bedates that regulary take place in Dushanbe.

I had chance to visit one of the public debate sessions where young people were discussing some issues they think are important to be debated. That was the debate round (or as they call it “game”) where four debate teams (two people in each team) were debating the topic on the harm and positive effects that operating in Tajikistan international development (very often none profit) organizations make in Tajikistan.  Two of each teams form one line that support or reject the statement/thesis of the game. The starting team was protecting the notion that the mentioned international organizations make the existing country social problems latent and that by their activity they hide problems and postpone a posible social and may be political changes that could happen faster under the pressure of society and different social groups.

Opening speach of the debates

So at the game that i watched the playing  line that was protecting the thesis of the game (internation organizations bring more harm that positive effect) stated that operation of the organizations  kill  the country’s potential for faster change and development.  And at the same time they even not fulfilling effectivly their short term objectives in the context of the total bribary and specific local mentality.

The rejecting line of the debates was against the thesis and brought their strong arguments and factual support. The line generally  stated that without the support the situation in the social and economic spheres would be even worse. As the example a debater brought the  international organizations’ programs that  work on maternal and child health. They mentioned that in accordance with the statistics the help of international donors has helped to reduce the mortality among newborn children for 50%  since 90th. The rejecting line took the veluability of a human live as the main and the only. velue that one can not use as means for achiving happy future on the background of social stragle and ebsense of international help.

Some the most experienced debaters of Tajikistan took part in debates, and all of them present none formal organization called Dushanbe debate centre. It is the organization with its leaders that could spread and stronger debate community  almost all over Tajikistan for the last two years.  The FOC activity of the activists of the debate organization resulted to the creation of various  strongly operating debate clubs almost in each big city of Tajikistan

As for the  game of the public debates that i was describing, i should say that the rejecting line has won the debates  and they proved that the existing help of the international organization is needed and should be kept.

As one of the debaters mentioned, the debaters are not people that only want to practice their oratorial skills but the people who has active live position and active in social spheres of Tajikistan

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