Ded Moroz is alive!

Rumors about Ded Moroz ban had filled Uzbekistan before the New Year. However, this did not happen! Truth about how Tashkent celebrated the New Year in the special video report from the main square of the country from our blogger Khayyam

Editor’s note: Ded Moroz is alive in Uzbekistan! All of December different people tried to bury him – but he stays with us! See how Tashkent celebrates New Year at main square in special video report from our blogger Khayyam 


This year bright and beloved holiday in Uzbekistan – the New Year, was drowned in big hysteria. First, the various media wrote rumors, that authorities decided to ban appearance of Ded Moroz and his granddaughter Snegurochka in TV shows and ban their mention in the media.

Then there was a rumor that the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan decided to develop a completely new and unique New Year characters – the Star Magician and the Star Fairy.

Ministry of Culture argued that all the rumors – a lie, and even issued a press release in which they are promised to fill Tashkent with a lot of Ded Morozes.

Meanwhile, Christmas trucks (from Coca-Cola company) are filling Tashkent streets, and children sitting on Santa’s lap in stores.

The New Year has passed, today Uzbekistan spends last free day, and I am happy to state the fact that Ded Moroz wasn’t stolen, and he, as always, rightfully rules in Uzbekistan!

All the rumors were false, and Uzbek New Year trees sparkle with joy.

However, according to one actor, who working as Ded Moroz, at 31 December several illegal Ded Morozes was thrown out from Independence Square. He said, that everybody, who wants to work in a Ded Moroz suit, must have a special “Ded Moroz license”. I don’t know what Lapland or Great Ustyug (Russian HQ) thinks about such license, but I can notice that both licensed and unlicensed Morozes are very popular among children.

Watch our video! Happy New Year, dear readers!

Song “Bugun Bayram” (“Yalla”) was used in video

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  • Khayyam, you must reveal the source for that INCREDIBLE song which accompanies the video. ;-) Also, is that official state footage, or your own?

    On a different note, actually, I think a license makes a certain amount of sense given the fact that children are involved. Besides vetting the actors, I imagine also that an official license means they receive some compensation from the state (at least, I hope so); that way they aren’t using Ded Moroz to beg. ;-) What do you think?

    • Haha)) Everybody can easy download this song using this link:
      Just click small floppy-button near “Bugun Bayram” words
      But don’t forget, that all rights for this song are belong to “Yalla” band!)

      State footage???? I spent so lot of time on this square with camera (and here was cold as hell, please notice it), so you must be sure, that this video belongs to me more, than to anyone on this planet))) By the way, you can see small logo in right top corner… This logo means something, i think))

      Hmmm… That’s complicated)) Nobody knows, who will receive money from this licenses)) I prefer to imagine, what kind of examination for license Morozes can have. Maybe there is jury from 3 old Morozes, and they giving marks for “Ho-ho-ho” skill? Or they examine beard? The length of his stick?)

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