Forum theatre is back to Tajikistan

I have already written about forum theatre (theatre of oppressed) training that took place in Dushanbe in 2013. And now in 2014 that initial initiative is getting its development.

I have already written about forum theatre (theatre of oppressed) training that took place in Dushanbe in 2013. And now in 2014 that initial initiative is getting its development.

Here below is the advertisement that Bactria Cultural Centre has announced several days ago:

 Come and join us at the Regional Workshop “Transforming Public Space into a Public Stage” at Bactria Cultural Centre, Dushanbe.  The 10-day  Workshop will focus on public space and public expression for creative youth communities, to be given by renowned contemporary
art experts. It will help to explore new ways to address the issues youth and adults face in everyday life. You will get familiar with Forum Theatre – an interactive tool of theatre that is a rehearsal for the reality of everyday life: it encourages audience interaction, and it is used a powerful tool for exploring solutions to difficult problems. You will be guided through a series of sketches and exercises; you will get practical tools for solving different social issues.

The Workshop will be open by a one-day Kick-Off Conference. The precise date of the Workshop and Conference will be announced later.

If you want to take part in the Workshop please send your CV to For more information call at: (+99237)227-05-54; 221-25-58; 918116629

People from different regions of Tajikistan are encouraged to apply. Transportation, accommodation and per diems are covered.


Oppresed theatre founde Augusto Boal (photo is taked here)

I went to Bactria Cultural Centre to find out more. The coordinator of the forum theatre project Ms. Xeniya Mironova informed that the aim of the project is to promote public space as a space of public expression using contemporary art practices to develop critical  communication  on socially  important  issues among  local  youth communities  in  Tajikistan.

 We see the forum theatre as public space itself – where people from a community can joint together and use forum theatre as medium to put themselves in other people shoes.

I also found out that there will be a conference in there frame of the project. During the conference lectures and discussion on public space will be conducted. I will follow the development of the project and will provide photo, video and informational reports on the event in the frame of the project.

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