“Goblin Cup” Debate Tournament

Loki has visited one of the local debate tournamens and shares him impressions

“Goblin Cup” Debate Tournament is the title of a debate tournament, that took place from 3rd  to 4th of August, 2013 in Dushanbe at  “Bactria” Cultural Center.

I have already wrote about the debates and debate movement in Tajikistan and Central Asia and this is a continuation of the theme.The tournament name and the format made me intrested and I decided to go and check out what the event is and why the tournament is called “Goblin Cup”

When he came to the tournament I saw about 24 young people ( it is 12 teams debate teams) that  are debating on the following topics:

  • This House would limit democratic freedoms to eliminate terrorist threats.
  • The House will ban negotiations with the terrorists.
  • This house believes that Japan has a moral right to take revenge.
  • The House will ban abortion.
  • This House will ban all sports that are dangerous.
  • This House believes that in a period of moral decline of person must turn to religion.
  • This House will provide political asylum to Snowden in Tajikistan.
  • This House supports positive discrimination at employment.
  • This House believes that a woman is better the head of state rather than a man.
  • The term “The (This) House” is taken from the terminology of the British Parliament, on the basis of which  the debate are organized.

I think the tournament was not the most interesting one, although there were some interesting games and speeches. One of the most interesting games, in my opinion, was the final battle with the theme, which was not on the initial list “We need to get read of B to reach A.” Debaters were allowed to interpret the topic, so they raised debates on important for Tajikistan social issues.

When I have asked one of the organizers why the cup is called “Goblin Cup “, I go the answers, “just to make people interested”

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