Nargiz Zakirova has repeated the triumph of Sevara Nazarkhan

Nargiz Zakirova, American singer of Uzbek origin, became the first sensation of the second season of Russian TV show “The Voice”

Nargiz Zakirova, American singer of Uzbek origin, became the first sensation of the second season of Russian TV show “The Voice”.

“The Voice” is very popular in the CIS. People can see it at Saturday evening on the “Channel One”, and after each series folks in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and other former Soviet countries discussing singers at the kitchens.

NewEurasia already wrote about the famous Uzbek singer Sevara Nazarkhan, who was the big sensation of the first season. Her performance on the show has stirred up  unprecedented wave of pride and patriotism in Uzbekistan.

Last week, the Russians again were forced to admit that “The Voice” is likely to be subdued by Uzbeks again. Brilliant performance of Nargiz Zakirova with the song of Scorpions «I’m still Loving You» was warmly welcomed by the jury and the audience. Be sure to watch the video – her voice a truly outstanding.


Nargiz Zakirova at “The Voice” show

Nargiz Zakirova is niece of probably the most famous singer of Uzbekistan – Farrukh Zakirov, the leader of the band “Yalla”.  Despite this, she has not a lot of common with Uzbekistan now. In the early 90s she emigrated to the United States, and settled on the East Coast, where she has joined music business.

Before leaving for the United States, Uzbek media often called her “Uzbek Madonna” for her provocative image. As she told in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda, in these old times some part of Uzbek society has condemned her for such behavior.


Nargiz Zakirova. Photo from official web-page

However, Uzbek people have mixed feelings now . The situation with Sevara Nazarkhan was simple – she is Uzbek, who adhering to national traditions. But Nargiz is the brutal tattooed punk, so everything is ambiguous. Society admires her success and talent, but at the same time is lost in the evaluation of her personality.


Nargiz Zakirova. Photo from official web-page

People leave such comments under the story about Nargiz Zakirova on (the most popular news site in Uzbekistan):


Nice hair for the Muslim girl.


She’s not a Muslim, i think she is an Atheistic.


Her image is American, it’s clear, and it’s bad impression for our youth. She must continue to sing only in USA.

We can state a fact: the Russians are faced with the fact that the Uzbeks settled down on the stage, displacing local talents. And also indicate an interesting trend – the performers are increasingly choosing Russian pop world. For example, in the same interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda Nargiz Zakirova said, that she preferred show “The Voice”, not the American “X Factor”, despite the fact that she already received a “golden ticket” to “X Factor”.


Nargiz Zakirova. Photo from official web-page

Perhaps this is due to the fact that the CIS show business market is full of crazy money of billionaires and gangsters, who do not skimp on the singers. Working here is profitable, and even Jennifer Lopez does not hesitate to sing at the birthday party of the president of Turkmenistan.

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  • Extraordinary singer with exceptional skill. Her presentation is always sincere, no matter what kind of song she represents. Pleasure to watch and listen.
    Beautiful women and great performer. Would love to go on her solo
    concert. Should win Russian Voice competition.

  • Dearest Nargis!!!
    We had such a great pleasure to watch you in Russian Voice!!!
    You took our breath away, you wonderful, unbelievably talented, simply the best and the greatest performer.Your 2nd place in the Grande Finale is like a Miss Voice of the Universe-you couldn’t be Nu.1 in Russia-just having a different image, but you became a Queen of peoples hearts (who cares of your tattoos when you sing!!!).You are a beautiful woman with an incredable voice, soul, energy and a million $ smile.
    We wish you best of luck, health, happiness,joy,every success,satisfaction in what you do,pride of your self.
    Wishing you and your family a happy and a sunny 2014!!!

  • WOW!! I saw you on YouTube and I want to say I love you. I see your spirit. Powerful woman.
    From Holland with love :-)

  • she is powerfull woman I like this voice I see en the voice program you tube she is the winner we love you nargiz bravo for you I Cuban women I live in miami

  • As a German loving music and rock forever I certainly know the Scorpions and they, due to my opinion, are very good. watched them during one of their “last” concerts face-to-face, very close. Two days ago I’ve watched “The Voice of Russia” first time (sorry, should have happened much earlier) and did it until late night ’cause it’s wonderful (Artists, Jury, Audiance – everything).
    When I started this video, from first til last moment, I was unable to say something, unable to speek – Nargiz has an incredible voice, unbelievable performance and interpretation as a singer and, sorry to state it with a view to the original I really respect, she’s definitely better than the original (meanwhile they are really very good)!
    For myself, this is like a fingerprint of our lord – nobody loving music and even rock is able to ignore that, really nobody, I’m sure. I’m impressed and never got a comparable feeling – great, abslutely great, words are too less to scribble what you feel watching her!
    Nargiz, please go on and don’t stop it – we all love you. For me you are the incarnation of what rock may ever be. Meanwhile every audiance will keep silent to listen, not only one air molecule will rest in place, our bodies don’t follow our mind ’cause everything vibrates when you’re singing.

    with all my honest respect,

  • There are no words to describe a woman as beautiful as you. The 1st time I saw you sing I was transfixed. I could hardly breathe. Without your voice you would still be one of the most sensual, exciting creature to walk this earth. I am not gay but I can honestly say that I have a girl crush on you. I also love tattoos and I think your body is a work of art. Mona Lisa move over Nargiz is here!! I live in Toronto Canada and if I ever get the chance to see you live I could say I died a very happy woman. When I look at you with your chains and shaved head and tattoos all I see is a beautiful woman, sexy feminine and so very talented. Never let anyone try to change you …perfection should never be tampered with. I start every morning by watching at least one of your videos and listen to you sing. I’m not sure some of the commercial artists get it but I know you do. To sing and bring joy into another persons heart is truly a gift. Thank you for all that you represent. I am a devoted fan for life and yes I am 58 yrs young shave my head and have tattoos but no talent…Samantha xoxoxo

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