Nearly 100 authors from across Central Asia have submitted their creative writing to NewEurasia’s «Novellasia» competition

«Novellasia», a new fiction competition for Central Asia, closes its doors to new submissions today (1 April 2014)

«Novellasia», a new fiction competition for Central Asia, closes its doors to new submissions today (1 April 2014).

We have been extremely pleased by the turn-out, which exceeded even our wildest expectations. We are still processing all of the submissions, but so far it appears that 94 authors and approximately 100 works have been submitted. A full list of participants is available here.

The best news is that all Central Asia’s diverse languages are represented! Although of course Russian has the largest representation, there are nonetheless significant representations from Kyrgyz (10), Uzbek (10), and Tajik (6).

We are also pleased to announce the main judge for our contest: Alexey Ulko from Uzbekistan. The son of the famous painter Gregory Ulko, he is in his own right a young expert on Central Asian arts and culture.

Ulko will be assisted by an anonymous panel of consultants specialized in national literature, one from each Central Asian republic.

Our blogger Nurzhan Kadyrkulova will soon be blogging on our main website about the internal decision-making process, as well as other issues related to Central Asian literature.

The shortlist of 10 nominees will be announced on and on 21 April, and on 1 May the jury will make its final choice of 5 winners.

We thank all of our contestants and wish them good luck!

Also, don’t forget to visit our Facebook group, where we’re running a separate promotional campaign dedicated to the Novellasia competition. The lucky winner will receive a new Amazon Kindle 5, which, no doubt, will help him to get acquainted with all the novellas from Central Asia! ;-)

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