New perfomance at Mayakovski theatre

Russian Drama Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovski in Dushanbe will stage soon the performance based on the early stories by Anton Pavlovich Chehov

Russian Drama Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovski in Dushanbe will stage soon the performance based on the early stories by Anton Pavlovich Chehov. “The early stories by Antosha Chehonte” will contain such stories as by Chehov as: “Diplomat”, “Naughty boy”, “Offer”, “Long tongue ” and others. The director of the performance is Nadejda Slavnaya. Nadejda is the specialist from Russia (Irkutsk). I managed to attend the rehearsal of the performance and shortly talk with the director.

The perfomance director  Nadejda Slavnaya

Me: Nadejada, how it has happened that you appeared in Dushanbe and now staging Chevoh at Mayakovski theatre?

Nadejda: I have come to Dushanbe as I have participated in contest in the frame of the project called “Open doors” curated by Russian youth theatre. The contest offered to stage one of the Russian writers and was announced together with Ministry of culture of Tajikistan and theatre after V. Mayakovsky among young theatre directors. The contest participants were provided with the list of offered authors and I have chosen Chehov when applied with my application. I have become the winner of the contest among almost thirty participants and finally I was invited here to Dushanbe.

Me: How long have you been to Dushanbe and how the work is going?

Nadejda: I have been working to actors already for 2 weeks. I have arrived to Dushanbe on the first of April 2014 and started working the next day after the arrival. We have intensive work schedule here as we are pressed for time. We need to prepare the performance within one month. We are moving through the material very fast and actors do a lot of individual work on the text of the performance. We do not have a lot of time to sit calm and discuss or find characters as we make a lot of findings and decisions right during the rehearsals.

The  rehearsal

Me: How do you manage to cooperate with the local actors and how they show themselves?

Nadejda: The actors are well prepared and very active. We will see a lot of individual work in this performance. The deal is that we are becoming co-creators with Chehov staging this performance. We have several stories that we have to put into one performance and actors make big contribution to this process. You will see actors as creators of their own small transitions. This was the creative task I have offered them and I think they are managing to fulfill it.

The  rehearsal

I would add in the end that the performance will be a big event for the cultural live of the capital city of Tajikistan. Personally I have been waiting for a new performance in Mayakovski theatre for a long time. I offer everybody to attend the first night or the shows after. The theater has not announced the date of the performance so follow the cultural news not to miss the performance.

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