New Year is still on in Tajikistan

Loki follows the developments with the New Year celebration debates in Tajik society

One year ago I have already written about the debates in Tajik Society around the New Year celebration in Tajikistan. Some members of the Party of Islamic Renaissancer (Namely Mr. Muhibullo Kurbon – chief additior of the party web-site) was officially against the celebration of the New Year as an alien tradition to Tajik traditional culture and the religion. Nevertheless we have celebrated New 2013 Year.

                                              Dushanbe, December 2013

The 2014 New Year eve has been less dramatic but still with some interesting news and facts.
The first news was announced stating that the Meer of Dushanbe Mahmadsaid Ubaydulloev has signed a statement that assumes organization of different New Year celebration events in Dushanbe starting from 27th of December.
After gives other information:

Today the first deputy of the chairman of the State committee on radio and television Saidali Saddikov stated that the attributes of the New Year celebration – New Year tree and the Ded Moroz with Snegurochka – “will be out-shadowed”

A lot of experts and public figures reacted this news and the position of the Party of Islamic Renaissance this time was a bit surprising. The chairman deputy the party Mahmadali Hait has stated the official position of the party saying the government should not interfere what is excepted by people.

As he also stated, the Party of Islamic Renaissance has never been against such celebrations.

 New Year tree at the main square of Dushanbe “Dusty” (December, 2013)

At the same time some presents were prepared to the people of Tajikistan from the side of the officials. As informs the electricity supply limitation  has been canceled for the New Year celebration period: from 6 a.m. on 31st of December till 11 p.m. on 1st of January
Russian BBC news in Dushanbe informs us about final point in the “New Year 2014 story” with the statement of  Ministry of the education of the Republic of Tajikistan:

Ministry of the education of the Republic of Tajikistan has spread the information to all educational institutions of the country about the New Year celebration. In accordance with this information the ministry prohibits the celebration of the New Year and the purchase of the New Year presents is considered to be unpractical.

Dushanbe, December 2013

As we may see from the text above there are some tendencies on the New Year celebration limitations in Tajikistan. Still, public opinion and the statements of many political and public figures is for the New Year celebration and this year such position is much stronger and articulated then in the previous years. Nevertheless that annual tendency on discussion of the New Year celebration is becoming a tradition in Tajikistan and I going to follow the developments.

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