Obelix, Putinix and Googooshix

Eisenstein discovered secret plans of Gerard Depardieu in CIS. Putin, Googoosha, who’s next? Berdimukhamedov?

Editor’s note:Eisenstein discovered secret plans of Jerar Depardie in CIS. Putin, Googoosha, who’s next? Berdimukhamedov?

It seems, Obelix lost all his friends, and trying to find the new one. Or he has a secret plan – to gain the confidence of all dictators in the CIS…

Hahaha, mr.Putin and Googoosha! While you think, that Obelix is loving you, he will eat all tasty hogs in your countries! But, maybe, he promised to defend Uzbekistan and Russia from evil Romans? He is good in this, yeah!

I can’t see any logical reasons except this, why Gerard Depardieu actively seeking for dictators friendship. He escaped from France and kind mr.Putin easy granted him Russian citizenship.

Then he came to Uzbekistan, where he recorded song with Gulnara Karimova (well-known as singer Gogoosha). I can’t say “he sang with Gulnara”, because he read couple of words. Nobody knows in Uzbekistan, what this words means, because French is exotic for us, but their song called “Heavens keeps silence”.

Photo from Gulnara Karimova Twitter account #RealGoogoosha

Well, heavens still keeps silence. But be careful of punishing lightning, mr.Depardieu! Your conscience is not clean anymore.

Dear readers, please, enjoy song “Heavens keeps silence” by Googoosha and Gerard Depardie. Special for you from official Googoosha Youtube channel. By the way, i  translated for you best comment under this video on Youtube. It’s funny. And that’s not my words, dear Googoosha fans, that’s vox populi:


Googoosha thinks, that if you will stay near talented man, you will become talented too)))

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