Political thriller about the revolutions in Kyrgyzstan was released in the USA

Sovereign Publishing in New York (USA) published Bermet Bukasheva’s novel “Mira” (“Worlds”) based on the real events happened in Kyrgyzstan

Sovereign Publishing in New York (USA) published Bermet Bukasheva’s novel “Mira” (“Worlds”) based on the real events happened in Kyrgyzstan.

Bermet Bukasheva is a political journalist and historian, public figure with a background as publisher of the newspaper Litsa” (Kyrgyzstan, 1998-2009).

The novel “Mira” (“Worlds”) – is an exciting political thriller, a mix of historical fact and fiction.

The country name and plot details originate in the creativity of the author; but, as a journalist and historian, she has based this political thriller on real events in her homeland between 2005 and 2010–events that she experienced as a leading political commentator. The action takes place around major political players of those years: the president and his family members, key opposition figures, and diplomats and senior officials of the US State Department.

“The crisis of moral standards in both domestic politics and foreign policy; cynicism and corruption as functional norms in government; revolution not as an end in itself but as a necessity–these are the realities of our time, which one country exemplifies in this book”, – is written in the annotations to the book.

The novel “Mira” (“Worlds”) is published in English in the U.S. and in Russian in Bishkek.

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