ALERT: has apparently been hacked

neweurasia has been contacted by an individual who claims to have accessed the Chronicles of Turkmenistan, the news site of the Turkmen Initiative for Human Rights, and published part of their subscription list.


This morning I received the following e-mail from “00 fx”:

Dear press,

I have 2 news for you, one good, one bad.

First bad:
You will no longer be able to access the website! OMG NOoo!! :-((

Good news is, we are releasing their database, including list of subscribers, email addresses of comment authors, unpublished comments, etc etc…

Here is the first part, enjoy!

Stay tuned, we’ll have more good and bad news for you!!

I checked both the URL the individual provided and it does indeed appear to be subscription lists. I also checked the Chronicles of Turkmenistan website (, which is currently down (see: screenshot above/quote below). Clearly, a cyber-attack is underway.

íå ìîãó ñîåäèíèòñÿ ñ áàçîé!
Benutzer ‘chrono_tmorg’ hat mehr als ‘max_user_connections’ aktive Verbindungen

Needless to say, given the situation for free thought and free press in Turkmenistan, the subscription lists for the Chronicles are definitely very sensitive materials. Many activists and Turkmenistan observers could be in danger.

Perhaps this is crossing the line from detached journalism into activism, but neweurasia is advising all Turkmenistan observers to check their security procedures immediately. As a basic precaution, be sure to change your passwords.

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