In the ongoing battle of pen and gavel, the gavel’s asking for peace

The three judges who launched a multimillion lawsuit against three leading independent newspapers in Tajikistan have offered the defendants peace talks to finish what they describe as “the unprecedented and widespread media campaign against the whole justice system in the county”. neweurasia’s Alpharabius, who has been tracking the story since it started, gives the latest updates and his opinion on this latest development.

Welcome to Tajikistan in 2010: can the search for truth be unethical?

neweurasia readers will already be well-acquainted with the ongoing Roghun project, as well as the news, announced first by our network, of a massive lawsuit by a trio of judges against a trio of independent newspapers. neweurasia’s Averroes sees a potentially serious ethical conflict between the government and press in Tajikistan and wants to know your opinion: whose side is right?

Justice against free speech

Editor’s note: Irada Guseinova, from the Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations, discusses the use of legal means to intimidate the press in Tajikistan Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. This follows Alpharabius’ report on the recent closing of three newspapers in Tajikistan. Check out his continuing coverage here. (Translation of (RUS).) Tajikistan The country’s officials have recently been swamping newspapers with all sorts of lawsuits. Industry watchdogs already warned that the number of cases against the media was on the rise. The National Association of Independent Mass-Media in Tajikistan (NAIMT) sounded the alarm after the president issued a decree ordering officials…

For Tajik readers: Мусоҳибаи ихтисосӣ бо додраси Додгоҳи Олии Тоҷикистон Нор Нуров

Editor’s note: This post is for our Tajik readers.  See the original English version here. Алфарабиус: Ҷаноби Нуров, метавонед, гӯед, ки  сабаби даъвои шумо ба зидди рӯзномаҳо чист? Нуров: Сабаб ин аст, ки ҳамаи ин рӯзномаҳо ман ва дигар додрасҳоро ба таври бисёр яктарафа танқид мекунанд. Тӯҳмати беасос ба зидди мо равона карда шудааст, аммо чизе, ягон калимае ба зидди онҳое, ки ин мақолаҳоро ба зидди мо навиштаанд, оварда нашудааст. Ҳатто ягон шубҳае нест, ки онҳо рост мегӯянд ё дурӯғ. Тамоми рӯзномаҳои Тоҷикистон, тамоми журналистон ба зидди моянд. Ҳамин хел нест? А: Шояд, аммо ба фикри Шумо чаро ҳамин хел…

For Tajik readers: Дар баҳси байни додрасон ва журналистон ҳарду тараф бо интихоби вазнин рӯбарӯст

Editor’s note: This post is for our Tajik readers. The original post here. Дар баҳси байни додрасон ва журналистон ҳарду тараф бо интихоби вазнин рӯбарӯст Рӯзи сешанбеи 2-юми феврал нишасти додгоҳии се додрас бар зидди се рӯзномаи мустақил дар Тоҷикистон баргузор шуд. Ин мулоқоти аввал нишон дод, ки байни ду тараф ҷанги ҷиддие дар пеш хоҳад буд, зеро бурду бохт ва интихоби бузурге дар миёна аст. Давлат бояд байни қудрат ва адолат, нашрияҳо байни амният ва рисолат якеро баигузинанд.

Exclusive interview with Tajikistan Supreme Court Judge Nor Nurov

In an exclusive interview with neweurasia, Tajikistan’s Supreme Court Judge Nor Nurov for the first time speaks with the media about the lawsuit against three independent Tajik newspapers. The interview was conducted via phone with our blogger Alpharabius. “Baseless accusations have been directed against us,” says Mr. Nurov. “All the papers of Tajikistan, all the journalists are against us…”

Where are you Rahmon? Transcendentally quiet about the lawsuit crisis…

Are the Roghun project and the lawsuit against three independent newspapers connected? neweurasia’s Averroes arrays the circumstantial evidence to give his view of whether a conspiracy is going on in Tajikistan to silence the nation’s independent media. The biggest question is to what extent the president may be involved — and who’s side he’s on.