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Want to rent Monica Bellucci for a night? Uzbekistan did.

Written by on Sunday, 15 November 2009
Business and Economics, Uzbekistan
Photograph of the Uzbekistan 2020 launch party by Flickr user UZ01.

Photograph of the Uzbekistan 2020 launch party by Flickr user UZ01.

The hot news on the Uznet involves another of Uzbekistan President’s daughters, Lola Karimova-Tillaeva, and a certain Italian supermodel.

It turns out that Lola hired Monica Bellucci to attend the gala for her new charity, “Uzbekistan 2020″, at Paris’s Museum of Modern Art on April 8, 2009.  Bellucci spent four hours at the event and even gave a short speech.  Can you guess how much she was paid as an honorarium?  Nearly $300,000!

Lola also invited several other celebrities, including both the brother of a current and wife of the French ex-President, actors Alain Delon and Emmanuelle Béart, and 69-year-old playboy Massimo Gargia. Their price of attendance has yet to be revealed.

God only knows the impact this will have on Uzbekistan’s budget…

The story was first broken by Bakchich.info, whose reporters also learned that Bellucci’s rental cost is apparently €190k per night (wow).  The international tabloid press has since been going gaga about the story, including Le Figaro, Le Telegramme, and Rue89.com, whose article has been visited by more than 55,000 peolpe and commented by 150.  RFE/RL has also run an appropriately titled article on the story while bloggers all over the world have also been sinking their teeth into this juicy story.

According to Wikipedia, the purpose of the new organization is supposedly to “promote cultural, intellectual, and human exchanges between Uzbekistan and Europe” and to fund projects in child protection, education, and sport.  However, I suspect that the real goal of the event wasn’t to promote this joke of a charity but to promote Uzbekistan as a happy, shiny country with happy, shiny people that is seeking happy, shiny development by the year 2020 (hence the name of the organization).


The press-release for the “Uzbekistan 2020″ gala describes Lola as “…[R]enowned in her home country for playing a major role in promoting the centuries-long heritage of Central Asia in Europe and launching key nationwide reforms to improve the situation in orphanages across the country.”  Renowned in her own mind would be more accurate.

The ego of this woman would make an ancient Roman blush.  If you want a good laugh check out her website where you can find an entire section devoted to, ahem, “The Woman”, with this photograph of her lounging imperiously beside all her superhuman humanitarian works.

I ask: what is charity for you, Lola? You spent a portion of our national budget on Monica Bellucci?!  That money could have been spent on the children you claim to care so much about — not on your celebrity friends!

Editor’s note: Check out Timur’s story on Islam Karimov’s other notorious daughter, Googoosha.

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  • Ohhh, this is so interesting.As a Peace Lover and Human rights advocate for over 8 years, I think this is a noble task worthy supporting.Such efforts have beeter gains in future.Who knew Uzbek shines? I did not know & I have now known.

    Thanks to the initiative and my classmate … for the notice as well.

    Our current Course on International Cooperation becomes relevant to this initiative as well linking Uzbek to Europe not a bad idea. The monetary assessment & critique noted but do you expect such cooperation to be attained on a silver plate?.Her mission being to promote charity, human rights etc etc, i believe further indirect benefits shall be realised from the outside world.

    In Peace, Liberty, harmony & development

    Moses Tumusiime
    MA. International Peace Studies
    UN Mandated University for peace
    San Jose- Costa Rica
    Central America


    Turgai Sangar Reply:

    :)))) Yes, Moses. Which planet are you from?


  • Turgai Sangar says:

    Well, another pathetic example of what the Russians call пир во время чумы.


    Moses Tumusiime Reply:

    @Turgai Sangar,

    Hey Thanks for the lines,

    I come from Uganda, (East Africa).Uganda was well known in the 70s because of President Iddi Amin whom many believe was the worst dictator then.

    Lots to learn from the current Human rights issues.Human diginity and human worth is so vital.Peace and harmony is what we all strve for. Ofcourse it has to be attained with fighting abject poverty & hunger which are the key impedements to human happiness. Demodratic Governance is vital too if issues of Equality, Equity, Human security(Golden Triangle)..etc are to be enjoyed meaniningfully.Talk of MDGs targets by 2015? How I wish all Countries would even attain 50% of the targets then..

    Stay blessed and Welcome to Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

    In Peace & Unity,



    Turgai Sangar Reply:

    Cheers Moses. What you said is well meant of course but I don’t believe much in the diplo development talk. One thing that I found strange and really disconnected for reality is this: “Her mission being to promote charity, human rights etc etc, i believe further indirect benefits shall be realised from the outside world.”


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